My Rebranding Project

The Ohio Growth Summit really got the wheels spinning on how to associate a specific personal brand with my name. Yes, I am with RE/MAX, and they are a well-known larger brand I am associated with who help define my business goals and handle the legal aspects of the real estate business.

However, what I do everyday as a realtor – working closely with sellers, buyers, collaborators and other real estate consultants, is my own personal brand, is the core of my business.

ReBranding Project
Consider this: Solo-entrepreneurs are the heart, soul, and voice of their business, however, there will come a time when their business grows, or (heaven forbid) retirement comes along. There is a legacy that comes along with the business that I have built, invaluable data and assets that can be sold and appropriated to fit another real estate entrepreneur’s business model. The legacy of a business, the continuity of an exit strategy, the forethought that what I am building can be sold at sometime, that is a business and a marketable brand.

The Re-branding Project that I took on with Lori Crock and Gina Bericchia at Written Impact was a very enlightening project.

Before I had many different ideas, looks, and communication channels, but I found a memorable brand and a way to simplify my message to my audience. With the launch of my new website, I’m excited to introduce: Katie McCartney – Real Estate. Real Simple. The branding extends from the signature in my e-mail, to Facebook, Twitter background, blog, website, greeting cards, business card and more; I’d love to hear what you think of the new branding.

The core values, beliefs, and ideas are mine; however, they are transferable now thanks to the help of Written Impact. Having help creating an outer shell that identifies your business and values is so imperative to any solo-entrepreneur's business. It allows for freedom along with personal pride. Creating something greater than ourselves is what I think that all entrepreneurs strive for as an end goal. What about you?

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