Home Ownership 201 – 10 Essentials Items

I know from my own first home buying experience, that I never thought of the essential items listed below.  I wish I had,  because  then I would not have lived in fear of the visits to Lowe’s and the ensuing costs of home ownership.  No one really sits down to talk about what  it is like to own a home and sometimes it is part of the experience to just blunder  through blindly.

Homes do not come with these 10 essentials items:

  1. Ladders
  2. Lawn Mower
  3. Edger or what I call a Weed Wacker
  4. Hoses to water your lawn and plants
  5. Hedge Clippers & Pruners
  6. Light Bulbs of Various Sizes (you know they don’t make one size fits all)
  7. Shovel, Snow Shovel, & Spade
  8. Furniture to fill up the vast space, especially if you are coming from an apartment that is under 1,000 square feet
  9. Wrench, Screw Drivers, Hammer
  10. Availability of Extra Cash

Number 10, the availability of extra Cash, is the most essential element to have after closing.  You just do not know what can crop up once you sign your name on the dotted line.  Taking care of the home is now your responsibility.   Having  the availability to money will not only keep the worries at bay, but  will prove essential in times of crisis, as when the infamous heater blows.

My hope  in writing this series is to help you be more prepared and aware of  the challenges of home ownership.

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