The Art of Residential Negotiations

Negotiations is a real art form.  There is nothing like it in the world.  You have to give and take in order for things to work.  Period.  I know there are some people who go in thinking they are going to “win”.  If you go in with that attitude, prepare to lose.

Having a “loser” only produces harsh feelings on one side and may mean for a hellish process to arrive at closing.  Residential deals, especially, have a lot of emotions riding on the property.  I feel these emotions stem partially  from a lack of understanding and experience in doing transactions of this caliber for both buyers and sellers.

I feel that the phrase “It’s Just Business” does not really register with either party just because of their lack of familiarity  with these transactions.  Now, here is where the expertise of a Real Estate Consultant becomes important.   We are accustomed to the rhythm and the melody of the negotiation dance. It is our accumulated knowledge and experience that guides the process.  It is our people skills that bring these two parties to the table to talk as amicably as possible.

Hence whenever you wonder about the need for a Real Estate Consultant, remember to ask  about the number of deals that they have closed.  It is ultimately trust that should be the deciding factor in utilizing a Real Estate Consultant; however, knowing that they have been involved in a number of successful deals tells you there is experience there and experience always gives you, the consumer, an edge to a successful ending.