Home Inspections: Important for Sellers

Yes, I stated that correctly.  Home inspections are important for sellers.  Why wring your hands about a situation you cannot control?  The game of Real Estate is all about control and who has it.  Remedies to Home Inspections are the buyers' most important control factor.
How do you eliminate the remedy possibility?  

  1. Hire your own Home Inspector.  
  2. Fix the major issues found by the inspector.  
  3. Don't allow a buyer to request a remedy.  They can still have their own home inspection to inspect your fixes. That is well within their rights.

Doing this puts the seller in the driver’s seat.  You know the issues with the home.  You have disclosed them and fixed the major issues.  The buyer has no ground to stand on, especially if their home inspection comes back with minor issues.

It's a win for the seller all the way around.  The seller knows the possible issues with the home.  The seller can correct the issues before placing the home on the market.  The seller has a more easily sold home.  Period.

Why in the world should the Home Inspections be only for buyers?