Your Personal Style Stinks: 3 Quick Tips on Updating Your Home For Sale

Yeah, I am not winning friends with the title of this blog post.  But, it is true.  The average person's personal style in the home can be a turn off to those potential buyers who have no emotional attachment to those sentimental nick knacks.  

Oh, you may love those wonderful doilies that your Auntie Mae made you; but, the general populace does not.  That beautiful shade of pink carpeting and robin egg blue bathroom with large flower prints just won't cut it in today's savvy buyer market.
I'm not saying go and overhaul the whole house.  Renovate that kitchen, bathroom, replace all the carpeting and drop $50k to sell the home.  Nope.  Not at all.  
Here are 3 Quick Tips You Need to Know when Selling:
  1. Hire a Stager/Interior Designer.  They have an eye for color and item placement that will attract the public.
  2. Rent fashionable furniture at least for the pictures.  One of the hardest things to overcome when presenting a home to buyers is an empty home or furniture that does not go with the style of the home.  You do not need to IKEAize your home but finding something to fill negative space will give a sense of depth and hominess to the room.  Pictures are all about getting the buyers in to see the home.
  3. Neutralize.  Neutralize.  Neutralize.  Best thing to do is to neutralize.