Value in an Open House?

Take your time and view the stats on Open Houses nationwide below.  It is not pretty for Open House advocates.  Prospective buyers get the majority of their information is from the Internet.  Yet, there is a push by sellers and to be honest some REALTORS to still use this older form of marketing.  

NAR Open House Stats

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I believe Open Houses are good for REALTORS for making contacts within the community or converting prospective buyers into clients.  However, I just do not see the Open House's worth in "selling" the home.  Simply put; the best form of "selling" the home is with an online presence (i.e., Multiple Listing System) with lots of pictures so people can dream.

Open Houses have the "feel" of doing; creating action instead of sitting by waiting for the buyer to come.  Let's throw away that old perception.  Let's create a new perception of the Open House – online.  An open house held 24-7, seven days a week with thousands of people "walking" through.  

Let's change the perception of a REALTOR from someone actively selling the home and pulling in buyers to someone who is a reliable resource.  Think about the above presentation the next time that anxiety and fear grips you.  Finding a buyer is unfortunately not cut and dried.  It is more than holding an Open House.  It is physically taking interested buyers to see the home.