Why is It Called a Listing Appointment?

Preparing for a listing appointment made me think:  "Why is it called a Listing Appointment?"

I do not know how many times I get the impression that sellers think that I will have hordes of buyers in my database to sell their house.  Wait a second, I do.  It is called the Multiple Listing System (MLS).  Yep, the one or two buyers that I may have pale in comparison to the 1 or 2 buyers that the other 6,000 or so Realtors have who pay good money to subscribe to the MLS in Columbus, Ohio.

A listing appointment is how we are going to go about attracting the attention of the buyer (and their Realtors) who are or will be in the market for your property.  Now, how I am going to "sell" the property to a buyer that I have in my back pocket? The chances that I may have a specific buyer that is attracted to your home and can afford the home is very, very slim.  The MLS however, has a greater chance of finding that buyer than I could ever personally have.    

It takes some creativity and time to ist a home correctly and cooperation from the seller too.  I have to sell the MLS as THE absolute best place to have a listing.  It is truly about the MLS to sell a home.  Everything else is a great way for the Realtor to attract new clients.  I know the perception of the Real Estate industry is about our marketing prowess on homes.  Let's take it a step further.  It is not our general marketing prowess that sells your home.  It is our marketing prowess on the MLS that sells your home.