Falling Dollar – Changes the Real Estate Market

Look out, the dollar is falling.  The dollar is falling.

OK, this is not Chicken Little; but, the economists are saying the dollar has been sliding the last two years and will continue to fall through the remainder of 2011.  Yikes!  Should I say – let's look out for inflation?

So what does this mean for the real estate market?  

There will be more investors in the market this year with home prices so low and the "cost" (a.k.a mortgage loan) of the American dollar so cheap.  How does this affect the consumer?  If you are an investor, it is a field day for you.  

However, this is not good for those who want to be home owners and not landlords.  With the dollar weakening, potential home owners are worried about the basic needs of groceries and transportation over home ownership.  There needs to be a strengthening of the dollar so we can get back to a stable real estate environment.  There also needs to be a strengthening of the American image and the ideals that encourage home ownership.