3 Bright Fireworks are Brewing in Real Estate

Hear that slow rumble in the background?  That is the issues with Real Estate popping to the surface.  

Let us see, we have:

  1. Realtors® urging regulators on the Dodd-Frank act to narrow the Qualified Residential Mortgage (QRM) down payments to products that are not traditionally safe, well documented, and properly underwritten.
  2. The Rental Pool skyrocketing to new soaring heights.  Many, many more people are renting than in the 1990's; but, we did have that housing bubble with lots of people with now poor credit renting due to short sales and foreclosures.
  3. Finally, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau wants your input on simplifying the mortgage disclosure.  Get your vote in before July 5th so you can be a part of the simplification.

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