3 Vital Communication Methods for Real Estate Professionals

This blog will explore the appropriate use of today's vast amount of communication methods.

1.  Note Card:  Yes, this old fashion method of communication still has merit.  This form of communication should NEVER go extinct.  There is technology out there that makes this simpler and able to be done at the push of the button if you send them a sample of your handwritting.  However, putting actual pen to paper and writting a note for your Real Estate clients, when appropriate, means something so much more.  Note cards should be used when a special event comes around like a birthday, wedding anniversary, birth of a child, anniversary of buying home, etc.

2.  Telephone/Video Phone:  This form of communication deserves a second look because you can hear another person's tone.  Other forms of communication do not allow for this type of interaction.  Once video phones becomes more popular, it will allow for interpretation of body language also.  Telephone/Video Phone should be used expressly in critical situations.

3.  Electronic Communication:  Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Email, Texting, etc. are just some of the many ways that we communicate today electronically.  The most effective way to utilize this type of communication is for concise information distribution.  Electronic communication is great for information distribuiton because it allows people the option to intereact.  As much as it is tempting to have conversations over these forms of communications, you have to be extremly careful.  There is no indication of tone or meaning or context.  These factors are important and utilizing electronic forms of communication is really tempting because it is a way to "get your point accross".  However, you loose that human instinct and interaction, which is vital to the progress of a real estate deal.  

Communication is vital in the Real Estate industry.  Without great communication skills, Real Estate deals become more difficult to broker and come to a happy conclusion.