Franklin County Auditor 2011 Reappraisal

Did you get your new tax statement in the mail or have you gone to the Fanklin County Auditor's site to review your tentative new values?

Whether you are rejoicing or cursing the day the appraiser crossed your lawn, Clarence Mingo has done a good job of preparing us for the inevitable shocks across Franklin County.  There is a FAQ section on his website that goes through and identifies any key concerns the public may have concerning this process.  There is even a series of informal reviews that people can attend.

How does this affect the Real Estate Market?

This appraisal analyzes the past 3 years worth of sales data.  There will be some correlation in the beginning with sales activities.  However, overtime there will be more sales data that a professional Real Estate Consultant can provide to help you determine a good value for your property.  

What I want to stress is that the appraisal done for the Franklin County Auditor's site should not be taken as the definitive value of your home.  Franklin County Auditor's appraisers have a different objective for their evaluation than a current look at how the market is performing.