3 Strategic Reasons to Refinance Now for the Future

I know I am not in the mortgage industry and I do not play a mortage lender on TV; but, interest rates are soooo ridiculously low right now that it is almost a crime not to refinance.  

Here are 3 strategic reasons to refinance today:

1.  Take what you save on the mortgage and pay off debt.  Down with debt because…
2.  Nest egg the money to put towards a new home, car, furniture, etc.  Cash is King and having the financial wherewithal is vital.
3.  Finally, FHA mortgages are assumable so when interest rates rise; you will have the advantage in the market.  It could be a wonderful marketing advantage when the time comes.

This is a great opportunity to take advantage of a current market situation that will put people in a great strategic financial situation in the future.  Time to think forward.  Where do you want to be?