Specialization Smechilzation

As I am progressing in my Real Estate Practice, I keep loving and reveling in the new challenges that my clients bring to me.  I get to LEARN and change direction and think outside the box.  

This constant flux brings me back to advice I was given early in my career.  "Katie, you must find a specialization in Real Estate."  Who says?  Why has this piece of wisdom been passed down?  Why must I throw myself into a box and nail it shut?  I miss out on potential new explorations and understandings of Real Estate.  

I'm a Real Estate geek.  There is nothing I find more exciting than learning about Real Estate – well, besides technology.  I mean there are so many avenues and roads to see and explore.  Each just begging me to learn the intricacies and nuances.  So why should I specialize?  Why should I form a box around myself?  

Some of it I think is safety.  You know the ins and outs of everything there is to know on a specific subject or area.  But, are not new ideas from those people who think outside the box?  Who are exposed to different ways of doing things?  

Let's look at the situation right now in Real Estate.  We have a potential section of buyers who are scared stiff to buy because of various reasons:

  1. Been burned before by the market and are afraid to buy or
  2. Know the market is a sticky situation and don't want to try their luck or
  3. Serious lock down on getting a mortgage due to credit.

What are we doing about this?  Seriously, what are we doing?  

Let's change the thought process.  Let's work with the people.  Encourage them in their endeavors.  Give them options.  Let them know that we support them and their decisions.  Let them know that we are experts in Real Estate.  Period.  

Experts in Real Estate do not shy away from a challenge.  They take care of their clients and their needs.