Yes, yes, I know that I am of the generation that is seemingly unaffected by marketing and advertising.  You could say that my generation has created this "new" form of marketing – social media – to replace the old marketing genres of commercials, print advertising, etc.  My question is:  Is social media all that new?

If you look at books like How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie copyrighted in 1936, you will see that there isn't that much difference in principles with the social media world.  It is not about how much noise you make; but, the quality of noise you produce.  Do people trust you?  Do they see you as an influential person in the general community?

Community can be redefined here as Social Media.  Communities besides the one you live in can extend out to a much wider audience.  These communities include people that have the same interests, passions, or hobbies you do.  It is becoming an expert, an advocate, a leader in other subjects besides your chosen career that can attract attention.

I have to laugh when someone sits down with me and instantly sells their product, especially when I have known them for a while and what they do for a living.  I want to know them.  How they are doing?  What is going on in their lives?  Is there anything I can offer that can help reach their goals?  Can I have a wacky conversation with them?  You know (as shocking it may seem) I may not use them myself; I may recommend them to others.  Is that influencing an influencer?

Remember that the next time you are out and about using social media or networking:  It is not the massive amount of information you throw at people; but, the way you engage them that makes all the difference.