Time Will Tell

When you are talking consumer confidence, it is such a subjective subject. There are no sure fire answers as to how consumers perceive the real estate market.  

Welcome to the Columbus housing market.  

If the property is not in really good condition, priced extremely well, and attached with a realistic client on both sides of the deal, forget trying to sell the darn thing.  Deals now-a-days take both sides working collaboratively to finalize a successful sale.  Bullying and cajoling will only bring out contempt and the likelihood of people saying:  "This is not worth the hassle."

As the video details, times are still tough for people in the market for selling.  There is still hope because the market will eventually turn around and the Columbus Home Sales statistics are showing positive signs.  

The Question:  When?
The Answer:  Only Time Will Tell.

Patience is not an easy concept to embrace.  However, patience is all that is left.