Craig’s List Rental Scare


Be sure you know who you are dealing with on Craig's List.  Recently, I have been receiving a rash of phone calls about one of my listings listed as a rental on Craig's List.  It is not a rental by the way.  It is strictly for sale.

Someone took the information I recently posted on the MLS,, etc. and regurgitated the information to create this too-good-to-be-true rental opportunity.  They were requesting $600 deposit with $700 a month rent but the catch was you could not see the home because the home owner was in Africa and could not show it.  

Here is the scary bit; someone was posing as my client.  They used my client's name in these email correspondences with these would be renters but no one was able to get a hold of this person via phone, so they called me.  The smart ones called me.  Who knows how many people these scammers have gotten…  

Good News:  From what I can tell, the advert is down.  I cannot find a trace of it anywhere.  

Bad News:  There will be another listing they will target.

Just be cautious out there folks.