7 Steps in Safe Guarding a Vacant Property

The picture to the right was quite a surprise the other day when I was out house hunting with a client.  Take a close look at the picture.  There is something vital missing…  The air conditioning unit was gutted!

How do you go about safe guarding a vacant property?

  1. Get timers for lights in and outside the house!  It will look like someone is home.
  2. Stop by at least 1 to 3 times a week.  Check around the property and talk to the neighbors.
  3. Talk to a trusted neighbor to be on the look out for you.  
  4. Call the local police and ask if they will swing by your property.
  5. Get a landscaping company, local kid, or somebody to mow your lawn and do lawn/yard maintenance.
  6. Get security cameras.  They are a lot cheaper nowadays than even I expected.  Check it out.
  7. Get insurance on the property.

Prevention is having others in the neighborhood aware of your situation.  Making the home look lived in is another.