Frustrated with Low Real Estate Inventory?

Company Advertises 'Prelisted' Properties' so intrigued me that I saved it to blog about.  I know inventory is low this time of year.  It is tempting to fall into a trap of being ahead of the game.  However, any critical thinking person needs to evaluate the reasons behind the motivating cause of 'pre-listing' homes.

Here are some reasons an agent will pre-list a property:

  1. Cause a frenzy of expectations.  It is to motivate the sale of the property and get a the talk going on the property.
  2. Gain clients for the agent.  Yep, the bait and switch is always a possibility so watch out.
  3. Cause the neighbors to talk. 

What Columbus Realtors® have to do in order to pre-list a property or have a coming soon sign:

  1. Have a signed listing agreement.
  2. Sign Notice of Exclusive Listing Not Available for Placement.

Be aware and be careful.