Photos Can Increase the Real Estate Sales Price

Photos Can Increase Real Estate Sales Price

Photos Can Increase the Real Estate Sales Price

Photos Can Increase Real Estate Sales Price

Photos can increase Real Estate sales price according to Realtor® Mag in “Study: Photos Can Increase Sales Price“.

I believe photos are vitally important in selling any property. So much so that I invest in photography education courses along with Real Estate continuing education.    Pictures are a buyer’s first look at the home to determine if they want to see the property.

In today’s world, just putting the home on the Multiple Listing Service is not enough.  Social Media demands that prospective buyers have access to the visual appearance of the home from the inside out.  People want to visually tour the home before they actually physically tour the home.

When I consult with buyers, I always hear about how much they want to see pictures of the home before they view the home in person.  A Realtors’® inability to compose a photographic shot worth looking at can cause a high level of frustration to buyers .

Out with the Old; In with the New

With photos being vitally important in today’s day and age of real estate marketing, I have redesigned the Real Estate. Real Simple. website (   The redesign takes into account that photos can increase Real Estate sales price.  There is an entire section dedicated to homes that I am representing for sale, which will feature photos that show their many attributes and reasons to go see the property.  Once they sell, those properties will go into the Sold section under Properties.  Potential clients can review the portfolio that will start being inventoried there.

Photos Can Increase Real Estate Sales Price – Realtors®

Now, Realtors®, I have started a separate website to display my photographic works on  I understand that not everyone is going to have an interest in taking photography courses and learning the techniques of developing wonderful pictorials of the properties that you represent.  This is why I want to offer my services to you.  I enjoy the craft of developing and delivering wonderful shots that not only engages the potential buyers but potential clients that may contact you.  I take care of setting the appointment for:

  • an Interior Designer to come in and professional stage the home with the home owner’s possessions and
  • a Videographer to come in and professionally video the home and place it on YouTube.

All of this for $140.00.  See for more pricing details.

As technology and marketing continue to merge, Realtors® will find that the best way to represent their properties for sale is through photos because photos can increase Real Estate sales price.