Real Estate Marketing Videos are Becoming Important

Real Estate Marketing Videos are Becoming ImportantReal Estate Marketing Videos are Becoming Important

Clients use the internet to research their purchases from books to large items like Real Estate.  It is not surprising that Real Estate marketing videos are becoming important to the intense research style of the new generation of buyers and sellers.  Finding information has always been at these potential clients fingertips.  They either have grown up watching the internet develop or have always had the internet to assist in research.

Finding an agent and agent related searches on YouTube grew 46% year-over-year.

Not surprising to see this stat from Video Increasingly Important in the Home Search from The Economist Outlook Blog on  Real Estate marketing videos bring a visual that photographs sometimes just cannot provide.  Beyond being able to see the features of the home; buyers are able to see the flow of the home through Video.  Also, buyers can analyze video of a Realtor® to determine if they fit their expectations of a Real Estate Agent.

New Innovation on Its Way

Twitter has introduced its latest innovation to brevity, the 6 second video via Vine.  It will be interesting to see how this impacts video marketing.  Hopefully, it will be as innovative as the 140 character or less Tweet that Twitter introduced in 2006.  With new technology, it will be those first to market that will demonstrate to us who are not as eager how this potentially will assist in video marketing.  I’m curious, because for my industry, I just don’t see what you can learn about a property in 6 seconds.

Internet Video Killed the Real Estate Magazine

Since 2010, I have been working with a wonderful videographer, Clay Powell Owner of CL Media Solutions to produce high quality videos of the properties that I represent.  Having Clay on the team puts your property in the forefront of what is expected for selling Real Estate today because Real Estate marketing videos are becoming important as evident with the research conducted via YouTube alone.