Buying Agents Make Better Listing Agents

Chicken or EggBuying Agents Make Better Listing Agents

Yup, I’m going to toss this topic out there.  It is my opinion that Buying Agents make better Listing Agents because they:

  1. Constantly Deal with Buyers
  2. Access to the Same Data as “Listing Agents”
  3. Have Better Knowledge on Handling Buyers

There is always the squabbling that goes with which came first – the chicken or the egg?  My contention is that the Buyer came first over the Listing and that it has not been until recently (1990’s) that Buyers have had more representation in the Real Estate transaction.  Caveat Emptor (Let the Buyer Beware) had its first known use in 1523.  The phrase caveat emptor just always puts a connotation in my mind that the buyer is the active seeker in these transactions and the seller has the reactive position.

It still is the same way today.  There is just 1 buyer that is needed to buy a product such as a property.  The seller takes the defensive position of placing the home on the market via the Multiple Listing System and sits back and waits for that 1 buyer (or multiple buyers if they are in a hot area).  The buyer is always the active part of this transaction.  I think that is why many sellers feel frustrated when listing their property, because it is a sit back and wait for the buyer game.  Yes, you can market the property until the cows come home; but, if that 1 buyer is not on the market just quite yet…  It is just frustration upon frustration for the poor sellers.

Next week, I will give more details relating to why Buying Agents dealing constantly with buyers is an advantage when listing your home.