Constantly Deal with Buyers

realtor-showing-homesWhy is constantly dealing with buyers an advantage of a buying agent being a better listing agent?  Pretty simple, buying agents are on the front lines of the active part of the transaction process.  We can come in and assess what a buyer is looking for in a home.  We can see the attractive qualities in the property that are  going to bring buyers through the door.

This is not only looks, people, but also price.  There is sometimes not enough time, money, or desire on the seller’s part to bring the property up to the level and expectations of the buying market.  That is when price becomes a real factor; because, there is always a point where people will find the home attractive enough to purchase because of the “deal” they can get.  However, this takes real guts and fortitude to acknowledge and recognize the issue, which some sellers have while others need time to adjust to this  idea.

I also feel that being a Buying Agent has given me the ability to attract buyers to a home with pictures.  Never do I hear:  “Oh, I want to see that home because it is in a great location.”  As a Buying Agent, I am the one usually looking at the location (map) seeing where the home is located and alerting the buyer to any disadvantages that I see.  It is all about the pictures.  Ever since HGTV and the subsequent increase in the quantity of pictures used by  REALTOR.COM and then the Columbus Board of  REALTORS® Multiple Listing System, buyers are just picture crazy.  It is not only the quantity of pictures; but also, the quality of the pictures.  I get a real thrill when showing  my properties and hearing  from a potential buyer:  “Oh,  the pictures that I saw look exactly like this” – generally, waving to the room the buyer is standing in.

To sum up, I think it is important to deal with an agent who deals with a large variety of buyers so they can communicate to the sellers what factors are important to successfully market a home today.

Next week, I will talk about Have Access to the Same Data as “Listing Agents” .