Access to the Same Data as “Listing Agents”

hit-the-jackpot3Nothing irks me more when I hear these words from a potential seller:  “But, you don’t dominate the ABC area.” or “Sorry, XYZ company knows Central Ohio.  You are with just a small company.”  For heavens sake, we are NOT in the dark ages anymore where brokerages do not share their data.  The Multiple Listing System was established so that all  Central Ohio REALTORS® can have access to the most available data.  REALTORS® pay to be apart of the Multiple Listing System so they can help actively looking buyers find their dream house no matter what brokerage is representing the property.

Sellers should be asking if listing agents deal with home buyers themselves.


Well, it is the psychology of a home buyer you need in selling your home today.  Really knowing the buyer market and actually dealing with buyers on a one on one basis, I would think would be the top priority of a seller any day of the week.  You want someone who is well versed with the buyer psychology because that is what is going to help the seller sell the property.

Next time you see a flyer in the mail from a REALTOR®, question the validity of it.  Do you think the listing agent is marketing to your area because it is a solid area to farm?  The percentage of properties turning over is high and therefore the listing agent will get paid.  Psychology of a home buyer?  Too much work.  Law of averages – jackpot!

Next week, I will talk about Have Better Knowledge on Handling Buyers.