Have Better Knowledge on Handling Buyers

Buyer ExperienceAs a seller do you want an unqualified buyer wasting your time?  No.

Ask my buyers.  I’m not much of a believer in the “a wing and a prayer”  technique when it comes to putting an offer in on a property. I get pretty stubborn about putting offers in without preapproval letters in hand.  If you have read my blog on The Importance of a PreApproval, you know that if a buyer doesn’t have one it weakens the purchase offer, especially if you are in a multiple offer situation.  There are different approaches of dealing with people in handling the situation, which with experiences with buyers, you gain.

Experience with preapproval letters is not the only example of information a realtor with buyer knowledge brings to a seller. Home inspections are another issue that can benefit from knowledge of the psychology of a buyer.  You have better negotiation ground with a buying agent as your listing agent because they can hopefully talk to the agent on the other end and find out any real cause for alarm.  It is a matter of making the buyer comfortable with the purchase.

Let’s face facts:  The buyer mind is different from the seller mind.  Dealing with buyers constantly will give a listing agent a leg up on selling a home.  It better prepares a seller to deal with situations that arise.  It allows you to be able to better answer those unknown questions like “Can you speculate on why the buyer walked?”.

I know for me it’s been an advantage.  I hope others see it that way too.