Recommendations: Individual vs Corporate – Who Wins?

Recommended-1024x936Recommendations:  Individual vs Corporate – Who Wins?

It is never about what company someone works for; it is the person that makes the difference when it comes to the service industry.

I truly believe it.

I forget it.  Tuck it away.

I tend to grow my own prejudices and biases.  Then that sentence comes back to haunt me in unexpected ways.

Real Estate and all the subsequent businesses and industries that Real Estate feed are without a doubt customer service oriented.  It has overwhelmingly become  apparent to me that It is not about the corporation.  Corporate policies are in place to protect the entity and to make money.  When it comes down to one on one relationships, it is about the individual treatment that makes the client want to talk about the service they received.  It is also on  the observations that I gain from watching the client’s experience with other individuals who are offshoot businesses from Real Estate that I base my recommendations.

I could care less about the corporation they work for.  I know their ethics and philosophy by how my clients are treated.  I base my recommendations on the person and the customer service.  Oh, yes, there are times that I have lost sight of that philosophy.  But inevitably, the philosophy of basing recommendations on the strength and character of the person takes hold.

My confidence is less in the corporate philosophy than  in individuals and how they are able to work with the client.  I have forged relationships with people in corporations that I never thought I would have considered or recommended.  It is learning that these people set the right expectations in the first place that drives their success.

Individuals win when it comes to recommendations.  Individuals who stick up for their clients, prepare their clients for the next step, and go the extra mile.  These are the gems that you need to recommend and find in your life.  I have been lucky to accumulate many.  I keep those people’s names on file.

I just occasionally need a gentle reminder.