Columbus Realtors® Leadership Academy

SuccessColumbus Realtors® Leadership Academy

It is an honor to be selected to participate in the 2013-2014 Leadership Academy at Columbus Realtors®.  Leadership has been a natural fit for me for practically my whole life.  I inevitably find myself in groups with progressive and thought provoking leaders either in other fields or in my own field.

However, I do believe leadership can be developed.  With my experience through Leadership Worthington, I have no doubt that we all can find the leader within our self.  Leadership is not always about the strong willed or those who are the most boisterous.  I have observed such development within others in my 2011-2012 Leadership Worthington class. Through the Leadership Worthington experience, I have also learned how to hone my leadership style to empower others to take the leadership role.

Oh, I have a ways to go with developing the leader in me.  Heck, I don’t think I will ever be finished.  It will be a never ending project and I am looking forward to working on my next chapter through Columbus Realtors® Leadership Academy.  No matter what the outcome, success is what you take away from any experience.  No one can ever take away the experience and the experience is what allows you to grow as a leader. The resulting growth is necessary to keep developing the leader within yourself.