green-homeGREEN Homes

I strive to be more environmentally friendly to my home and family.  I have gotten rid of a lot of commercial cleaners in my home and make my own simple cleaners.  (I’ll include some of those recipes at the end of this blog.)  I am more aware of reading labels and I  take a look around to see how I am impacting my environment.  I don’t view myself as a radical on these issues.  There is something to be said for moderation in life.  However, my point of view is more of honoring what has been created in a way that allows me to enjoy my life.  So when I heard about this seminar for Realtors® on Selling the Value of Energy Efficient Homes, I thought, cool. This is along the lines of my own GREEN initiatives at home.

What Did I Learn?

1)  Insulate Tight; Ventilate Right

Being energy efficient is more about sealing and ventilation than anything else.  To me it sounds like you are creating your own environment within the home as opposed to letting the environment in.

2)  Dehumidifiers and Humidifiers Not Needed

If you insulate tight and ventilate right, then the necessity to remove or add moisture into the environment you are creating is not necessary.

3)  New Homes vs Resale Homes

Well, those of us who have Resale Homes, we are in the hole when it comes to Energy Efficient Homes.  I’m not saying that you cannot strive for it or buy items that assist in energy efficiency; but, the New Homes have the advantage because they are being built at the time of the new regulations.  New Homes are going to have the advantage in the field of energy efficiency when they are built.  However….

Did you know the regulations change every three years?

Yep, that is right.  Every three years International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) change.  The next update in builder regulations is coming in 2015.  So those New Homes being built in 2014 are not going be as energy efficient as the new homes being built in 2015.  It is the law of the land with phased in obsolescence.  This is something you need to recognize and accept. What you build or implement today could change and be improved on the next day.