3 Reasons When You Build to Consider Representation

101813_lego_creator_town_house3 Reasons When You Build to Consider Representation

It is so easy to walk into a model and buy a home.  Heck, you don’t need a Realtor to do that, right?

Yes, I am a Realtor and I believe that you need representation when you go to build a home.  I know it is really easy to cut the Realtor out of the equation when you walk through the model door.  Here are my 3 reasons when you build to consider representation.


The 3 Reasons For Representation:

1.  Negotiations:

Negotiations are not always necessarily on price.  In this case it is more about options and what you need.  It is negotiating the contents of the home and what you want to see in it.

2.  Industry Experience:

I go to classes, seminars, lunch and learns, and all variety of learning opportunities to increase my knowledge of the building industry.

3.  Follow Up:

I’m the type of person who wants to know what is going on.  I will contact the builder so you understand where in the process we are…  I will walk the job site and follow the milestones closely as with an existing home.

Resale Homes Should Not Be the Only Option

There are always options out there.  I want to be sure building can be an option for my clients.  It may not be an option if there is a specific school district you want that may be landlocked; but, you just never know.  Having options is the name of the real estate game.  Being open to presenting those options are a part of my job.