Central Ohio Going Global

Going GlobalCentral Ohio Going Global

On March 27th, I attended Columbus REALTORS® Go Global! An Introduction to what global really means for REALTORS® at the Columbus Realtors®.  One of the most interesting informational pieces was the 2014 Global Report from Columbus Council on World Affairs.  I have been a resident of Columbus since 1999 and I am amazed at how much it has changed since I have moved here from Southwestern Ohio.


7% of the Columbus Population

7% of the Columbus population was born outside of the United States. It amazes me how much the dynamic of the Columbus population has changed.  It really makes things interesting and challenging when it comes to Real Estate.  Cultural differences, it seems to me, is the largest challenge when dealing with foreign nationals.  Language seems to take care of itself.  I have yet to have had any difficulty figuring out a way to communicate.

Culture Differences Makes Real Estate Challenging

Whether you are from Massachusetts, California, China, or from Ghana, culture differences makes Real Estate challenging.  Yes, I am even including U.S. migration into the equation.  Wherever you are from, your local customs and the way things are negotiated are unique.  It is very difficult sometimes to coach people in the customs of the Central Ohio area.  It is customary to believe that “everyone” does business the same way.  The one thing I have learned in Real Estate is that there is no common way that everyone does business.  It changes every time a contract is issued.

Enjoying the Challenge

I am enjoying the challenge that I face when I receive a relocation client.  It was really hard at first.  I made many mistakes because I had the same blinders on, believing  that everyone should just know the Columbus Real Estate customs. Losing really helped me to win.  I gained so much more compassion when I lost those deals and clients.  I learned to be much more open minded and to work alongside my clients and coach them to success.  Moving is not easy and it becomes more difficult when the customs are so foreign.  It takes someone who can guide you through the process necessary  to complete a successful transaction.


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