10 Under 40

10under40web10 Under 40

It has been a real honor winning the nomination to be on the 10 Under 40 Honoree list for Columbus Realtors.  The question the website for this honor proposes is:  “Are you tomorrow’s leader, today?”.  As I have stated to another colleague, I wrote answers to the questions asked that rang true to my character and those answers resonated with the selection committee.  I am proud of that.

Often what you write or say does not resonate with others.  It is the chance that you take when you write something that is a part of you.  It is hard to put yourself out there.  Heck, I asked the person in charge of the committee if I should even bother doing the work.  I was scared.

What if they did not like my answers?

My answer:  I have a few more years to apply, again.  Dust myself off and start over.  Nothing wrong in trying again.

Taking Risks

Sometimes it is all about taking that chance; that leap of faith; showing your leadership.  Sometimes we need that external validation that we are on the right track with our career and our life goals.  Other times, you just need to put your head down and do what is within your character whether or not it resonates with others.

So What Does this Award Mean?

I think I have about 5 minutes left of my 15 minutes of fame… To me it means that at this moment my ideas resonate with where people want to see the field of Real Estate go in the future. It means that I continue to do what I do.  I get involved.  I help others.  I make changes that make the world a better place.

Now my 15 minutes of fame is up, it is back to work doing what I do best.  Serving.