Devil is in the Details

DevilIsInTheDetailsDevil is in the Details

Real Estate tends to have drama from time to time.  Usually, the drama is mostly self created or self fulfilling.  Our positions are to defend the client, at least that is my view of Real Estate.  I am to cooperate with the other Realtor; but, not at the expense of my client.  It irks me to no end when persuasion tactics are used to gain an upper hand or prove a point.  I find it totally unprofessional, a waste of time, and it leads me to extreme documenting of the situation.

To best represent my client I have learned to:

1.  Be specific in my requests to the other side of the table.  Don’t use general terms to describe something.  All appliances in the kitchen is too general. Electric Range, Refrigerator, Dishwasher and Microwave at the time of showing is much more exact.

2.  Have supportive evidence to make my case.  Home inspections have improved over the years.  It is rare that home inspectors don’t document every little thing that needs to be done.  If you have a home inspector that doesn’t have a picture accompanying the issue you want fixed, go back and have them document the evidence.

3.  Not to rely on the agent on  the other side of the table to look out for my client.  I feel so sorry for the clients on the opposing side that don’t have an agent looking out for their best interest.  However, it is not my job to look out for them.  My job is to look out for the client that I am representing.

4.  Realize that  no means no.  Alternatives can be found.  Things can be negotiated.  It may take another day to think on it.  But, when a client says “NO”, take their word on it that they mean no.

It may not make me totally popular with some agents in the Real Estate community to document, document, document.  But to be honest, isn’t that we are paid to do?  I’m not paid to sit down and persuade my client to accept a deal that does not have their best interest at heart. It is the client’s decision on what they feel they want to do in the situation, no one else’s.