Affordable Housing Journey

Affordable Housing Journey


While I was on “summer break” for my blog, I kept plenty busy with family and Real Estate.  One of the most noticeable aspects from my Real Estate practice during those months was the number of clients looking for homes at the under the $150,000 mark.   It was noticeable because of the lack of “good” inventory for those who want few improvements to make once they move into the home.  Move in ready homes under $150,000 are rare finds especially in the areas that I happen to be looking in Central Ohio.

Some went outside the initial areas that they were looking in to find homes.  Others took a break and have come back and have started the search again.  Then there are the clients who have been burned by the home that looked nice but found out through the home inspection that looks can be deceiving.  For another client, I am still surprised and delighted that we found something within their criteria.

It has been a journey for all of them.  All of them completely different yet they were all looking for that special something for under $150,000.  I enjoy the fact that even though they all had very similar criteria, each of them found or will find unique homes that fit their needs.  It’s sometimes frustrating and bafflingly slow to find the right place, but that is true for any home no matter the price point.

Each of them have had the same message from me:  This is a journey unique unto yourself.  A journey that all of us who go on a home search take.  It will have it’s highs and it’s lows.  There will be surprises to deal with and challenges to overcome.  You just need faith that everything will work out in the end for what is the best for you.

That is the beauty of Real Estate – no matter how similar the criteria or the search from one client to the next; each Real Estate journey is unique and special.