3 Challenges in New Home Building

3 Challenges in New Home Building

I have been privileged to be involved in two new home builds in 2014 with two very different builders.  It is a whole different process than resale real estate.  There are some challenges that are unique to the home building process.

1.  No Negotiating  – That is right.  Under no circumstances have I  ever seen a home builder negotiate on the sales price of the home.  The price fluctuates on the amenities that you place into the home.  Grade of carpet, fixtures, counter top quality, floor plan, etc.

2.  Customer Communication Not So Great – I’m amazed at how much I run interference with the builder and the client/customer.  The client/customer asks a question to the builder and gets no response.  I ask the same question to the builder and I get a response.  I don’t know if it is because I am in a similar industry or it’s my charming personality; but, I can relate to my client’s frustration on this subject.  But, hey, it makes me useful and let’s me earn my commission.

3.  At The Mercy of Builder/Vendor/City’s Time Schedules – This one infuriates my clients the most.   Oh, I understand when you see barren ground and nothing on it for months and/or how something as simple as vinyl flooring being delayed by a vendor can become absolutely maddening.  It wreaks havoc on that precious project timetable and forces delays that clients are not expecting.

Unfortunately when you build a new home, you need to be as flexible as possible when dealing with the delays and communication gaps.  You also need to know your needs, wants, and must haves in order to get through this process with your sanity intact.  Plus, you need to hire a Realtor to guide you through the process. A person who has the experience and has gone through the process several times can be an invaluable asset.  I truly enjoy it; but, I’m a project manager/nagger at heart.