OMG You Charge Too Much

OMG You Charge Too Much

The title is a bit dramatic; but, yes, I do get that comment.  It is always a challenge when I get that expletive statement.  Mostly because that particular person does not want you to change their mind.

Let’s think about what all goes into being a Realtor:

1.  Commitment – In order to make it in this business, you need to be committed to your career.  It is a leap of faith to completely go on 100% commission.

2.  Knowledge – Real Estate is an EVER changing environment.

  • Association contracts are updated with some regularity with the changing times.
  • New regulations on qualifications of buyers for mortgages.
  • New guidelines for home inspections are updated.

3.  Networking – Resources are an invaluable part of my real estate practice, whether it is great companies who share my passion for great customer service or asking a question of my other Realtor colleagues. Networking is an invaluable asset that has been cultivated over several years in my real estate practice.

I understand that these are not tangible things that I can park right in front of you to touch, see, or smell in order to justify the 6% commission on a listing contract or my share of the commission when I co-op with another agent.  However, I do sell the invisible.  I sell myself, my knowledge, and my resources.