Hey, Received Your New Auditor Values?

Hey, Received Your New Auditor Values?

I have heard that people are very unhappy with the most recent 2014 Auditor Values for their home.  You have to remember that the Auditor Values are derived from the last 3 years of sales:

  • 2011
  • 2012
  • 2013

Yes, folks, that means that the recent uptake in 2014 sales are NOT reflected in the most recent value of your home from the County Auditor.  Grumbling shall ensue.

I personally believe this only makes the case for hiring a Realtor more important because we understand that the Auditor Value is not the true Market Value of the property.

Auditor Value

Looking at the Franklin County Auditor’s Site, you can appreciate the magnitude of the undertaking.  Some of the Auditor Value requirements are:

  • Equalization with other properties is required
  • Inspection-majority of properties exterior only
  • A caseload of 440,000-plus properties

Don’t Get Wrapped Up

Don’t get wrapped up in the Auditor Value of your home.  Realize it is a government institution with the purpose of placing  a value on the property.  In order to find out whether it is the true Market Value of your property, consult with a professional Realtor.