Thoughts on Beverly Carter’s Murder

BeverlyCarterThoughts on Beverly Carter’s Murder

It is hard for a Real Estate Agent to ignore the latest news about the murder of Beverly Carter.  She went out to show a “cash buyer” a property and did not make it home.  This will make me rethink about going out and meeting people.

Part of my job is to go out to meet strangers.  I enjoy it.  

At first, it was really nerve wracking to just go out and meet someone I did not know.  A lot of it was because I was still gaining experience in the business and I was really green and shiny.  As I gained experience, I lost that nervousness about meeting people because it just became a part of the routine.

I remember commenting on a investor client of mine:  

“Some days it amazes me how trusting I am.  Here I am, a woman, meeting 2 gentlemen in the middle of the day who I have never met before.  What was I thinking?”

Exactly, what was I thinking?  

Luckily I had enough telephone conversations with the investor to really get a feel for the man.  Should I have done more just in case?  Now, I am thinking I should.

What should I implement?

A lawyer friend of mine suggested:

  • Taking a photograph of a drivers’ license/license plate with your phone which will auto upload the picture to Dropbox [or some other cloud drive]. Share the Camera Uploads folder with a trusted individual so they can retrieve the photo if necessary.
  • Also consider setting up a smartphone as a security camera during the showing or if you have WiFi, you could take a DropCam with you.

Great advice.  At the very least just make sure someone else knows who you are going with so they have the person you are meeting’s contact information to readily access.

No matter what, this is a scary situation for Realtors.  We generally trust people. That is how we do our jobs.  People who prey on that trust really make us all sit up and take notice and remember that the world is not always a completely safe place.