King-Lincoln District

DSC_0214King-Lincoln District

One of the up and coming communities in Columbus, Ohio, is the King-Lincoln District.  Rehabbers, investors, and homeowners alike are finding out about the charm and grandeur of this district which is rich in African American History, the jazz scene in the 20th Century, and beautiful architecture.

Thanks to the I71 construction in the 1960’s, the King-Lincoln District was cut off and left to die.  The lack of access to downtown Columbus hurt this community in so many ways.  It drove away businesses and then it drove away the people.  However, in 2014 the city of Columbus finished the Long Street bridge to revitalize this area and bring people back to this once thriving community.


Initiatives such as Homeport and the Long Street Bridge are bringing back people to the urban Columbus area.  The Kings Art Complex, the Lincoln Theater, and the revitalization of the Jazz Scene are bringing people back to King-Lincoln. 

Take a peek at the slideshow of the recent photos I have taken of the area.  You can see the recovery in progress.  

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