Real Estate is Only a Sales Job

salesman1-300x300Real Estate is Only a Sales Job

Recently someone told me that Real Estate is only a sales job.  Maybe I’m taking this a bit too hard and maybe out of context but I just don’t see Real Estate as just a sales job.  I see Real Estate as a vocation.  A calling in service for others.  I take what I do seriously.  It is a commitment not only to my clients; but, also a commitment to the general public and to the Real Estate industry as a whole.  When someone tells me it’s only a sales job, I think in my head it is so much more than a sales job.

I Work Hard to Play

I view work a bit differently than most.  I work hard to play.  I view my work as a motivating factor to have a nice, comfortable life.  It is that whole balance in life that I crave.  I believe that life balances things out.  If you work too hard and you don’t get the joy out of life, life will find a way to remind you about the joy out there.  If you burn the candle at both ends (work hard and play hard), you will soon find out that there will be nothing left in the middle.  It is all about flow and balance.  It is life’s harmony that makes business thrive.

Business is Life; Life is Business

I will never forget my father telling me that you can learn a lot about a man’s business by the way he plays golf.  I was 15 when he said that and I will never forget it.  I’m not a golfer by any stretch of the imagination, but I get the meaning behind what he said to me.  A person acts the same whether  in or out of business.  You want to find out more about your competition – get to know them on a personal level.  You want to learn more; open yourself up to others and teach.  You want to advance and grow; talk to advisers and those who have gone before you in business.  Business is Life; Life is Business. This is integral to how your interactions should be day to day in this business.

Life is Too Short

Life is too short to view Real Estate as only a Sales Job.  Embrace Real Estate.  Learn about Real Estate.  Breathe Real Estate Everyday.