I Don’t Trust Realtors

tumblr_lyycf2yg9m1rn56ylo1_400I Don’t Trust Realtors

I have recently signed up to be a part of Zillow advertising. It has been an eye opening experience. I am amazed by the one and done people who don’t really want to interact with you. They just want the contacted Realtor to open the door to see the home.

I am saddened that some segment of the population has become so jaded with the Realtor profession. Truly, it is not hard to imagine why they are jaded. But it is a cycle when you, as a buyer, “represent” yourself on a transaction. The consumer does not trust the agent and then the agent in turn does not trust the consumer. This produces the exact result that the consumer was expecting – a bad experience.

When I looked for my first home, prior to being a Realtor, I wanted to interview different Realtors and got recommendations from other people who I felt had the same values as I do. I wanted to ask them about their experiences. We ended up using the Realtor that our loan officer recommended; but it was a great fit.

We were treated well – like family.

He was an advocate for us in the transaction.

He guided us through the process.

We were not just consumers to him. We were clients. To me, this experience was so positive, that I wanted to become a Realtor. And today, I face the challenges of others’ negative experiences that have come before me. I fully intend to dispel them and hopefully make a small, positive impact on the Realtor profession. Healthy skepticism is always needed; but there is enough information out there today online to assist in assessing the Realtor you are working with.