Lessons from Ohio Association of Realtors Winter Session

Lessons from Ohio Association of Realtors Winter Sessionhousing-market-outlook-2015-altos-professional-builder

Attending the OAR Conventions is always interesting.  I happened  to go to the Winter Session recently.  There was a lot to learn from Young Professional Networks for Realtors® to MLS changes.  But, one standout to me was HomeSnap’s presentation.

HomeSnap stood out because it seems that they want to work with the Realtor® community.  There should be a healthy dose of skepticism due to past practices with our data and how it was used to exploit the industry.  However, to hear their pitch and view the product was enlightening.  After listening to the other advocates from  the Toledo and Dayton areas, it got me wondering. Perhaps this could be a viable tool for Columbus Realtors® to better serve our clients and have better collaboration with them.

It’s what Larry Schottenstein, my broker, said to me the other day, we no longer control the data as an industry – it’s everywhere; but, as an industry we give people guidance about what to do with the information.  Better collaboration with our clients?  I’m all for that.

IMG_20150119_131317486_HDRAnother outstanding presentation was from Lawrence Yun, Ph.D., Chief Economist for National Association of Realtors®.  You can see by this photo that the Housing Forecast is pretty bright for 2015.   In fact it looks pretty bright for 2016 too.  Hopefully, this is the end of the “bubble”!