web_R_blueBeing a REALTOR

You don’t have to be a REALTOR to have your Real Estate License.  You do have to have a Real Estate License to be a REALTOR.

Why join a local Realtor Board?

When I first started in Real Estate eight years ago, I had a chip on my shoulder the size of the state of Texas.  I joined the Columbus Realtors because it is “standard” practice here in Columbus, Ohio to be on the Realtor Board. I wanted access to the coveted MLS,  a treasure trove of Residential Property for a data geek like me.  I was carted off to 2700 Airport Drive and told to join by my first broker.  Oh, I was given the tour and took the Welcome Course on the Columbus Realtors… However, I really did not understand the breadth of the association until recently.  I was cynical, and skeptical  that fellow Realtors were going to recruit me or have some ulterior motive.  I had a really hard time believing that everyone checked their brokerage at the door…

Then My Mind Was Changed

A year ago I had the privilege of attending Columbus Realtors Leadership Academy.  I was “encouraged” by a fellow Realtor, Sue Lusk-Gleich (yes I am linking to HER website), to attend 3 years prior to my actual attendance.  At the time I had committed to the Leadership Worthington Program and well, frankly, I did not think I needed more “leadership” training.  For 2 years I ignored the calling and then I applied….

What the Hay…

I’ll apply.  If I get in, great!  I admit, I had very low expectations. However, I have changed since attending  the Leadership Academy. Actually, I have gone through a whole series of changes since Graduation Day:

  • Bonding with the other 9 classmates and the other 2 Graduating Classes.
  • Sharing similar goals and views of where the industry should go with fellow Realtors.
  • Seeing the bigger picture of the Realtor Industry.

I Am Forever Changed

I attended the Ohio Association Winter Conference recently and found out just how much things have changed since my first attendance.  I have gotten to know people in my industry.  We were exchanging ideas and I was listening to how others were utilizing Real Estate tools in other parts of the state.  It was no longer an “I am here to soak up the atmosphere” experience.   I was participating.

Why join a local Realtor Board?

So why in the world am I repeating this heading?  Because I now  have a better answer. Join your local Realtor Board for:

  1. the experience,
  2. the ideas,
  3. the knowledge,
  4. the wisdom,
  5. and the networking.

It is going to be more than you expect.  It is going to enrich you as a Realtor.