I’m Not the Realtor for You


I’m Not the Realtor for You

Adventures in Real Estate – Competitive Market

Yes, the Columbus Real Estate Market is having a resurgence.  Yes, people are having multiple offers.  No, a seller is not going to sell you their house because you are afraid of “overpaying” and the seller needs to sympathize with the buyer’s side of the story.

I don’t care how well I write or how much sympathy I can elicit about a buyer’s plight; a seller is only going to be motivated by the green dollarydoos you bring to the table along with a strong contract. This is a competitive market.  They may be persuaded to take less with a rather strong offer, but not $15,000 to $20,000 less.  Period.

Yes, there are those really, really rare cases where a deal can be struck because the seller has other motivating factors besides money that are driving them to sell.  Rare is not even the word.  Slim to none and slim just walked out the door.

It’s so disheartening as a Realtor to have your analysis questioned.  I do not put an analysis together for my own health or to “trick” the buyer into paying more.  It is done with a critical eye on the current market conditions and is sensitive to the subject property’s surrounding area.  Yes, the market changes and fluctuates, but not monthly, weekly, daily, or hourly.  However, we have had a strong market in Columbus even during the bubble, which by the way has been popped for five years now.

If you can not trust me to look out for you; then, I’m not the Realtor for you.