Impact of Ohio Tourism

OhioTravelImpact of Ohio Tourism

I had the privilege, through the local Columbus Miami Alumni chapter, to hear Mary Cusick ‘78, Director of TourismOhio, speak.  One of the discussion points that Ms. Cusick brought up was that tourism in Ohio is a $40 Billion business.  That’s right folks that is Billion with a “B” and not million with an “m”.  Another point Ms. Cusick mentioned was that a lot of those dollars are internal to the State of Ohio; people from Cincinnati traveling to Columbus, Columbus natives traveling to Cleveland, etc.

My thoughts after seeing this graphic and hearing how much we as a State spend on ourselves is WOW.  WOW, this state the “Heart of It All” really has loyal people who live here.  I’m one of them.

No, we don’t have mountains.  No, we don’t have the oceans.  However, we DO have an abundance of beauty, a unique topography all it’s own, sports teams, trails, museums and much more.

Really, for my family and many  other Ohioans, there is no better place for quick “weekend” getaways than our own state.

Whether it is heading to Toledo to see the Zoo, Wapakoneta to see the Armstrong Air & Space Museum, the Amish region, Logan for Hocking Hills State Park, Dayton for the  Air Force Museum, Hillsboro for Serpent Mound, Cleveland for the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame, Cincinnati for the Art Museum, Columbus for COSI, there isn’t a dead spot for tourism in this State.
For a State that most people think, “Oh, It’s Just Ohio” there is so much  more to Ohio than people not living in our state realize.  One thing Ohio is abundant in:  Experiences.