3 Tips on Seller Question: Should It Stay or Should It Go

3 Tips on Seller Question:  Should It Stay or Should It Go

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To me, the pictures rotating above of the garage are not an acceptable way to leave your home when the possession occurs.  

3 tips you should follow if you are not sure if it should stay or should go:

  1. Always get in writing what the buyer wants.  
  2. Take pictures of the items in question so the new homeowner can view and approve the items in question.
  3. If you were moving in would you want to see….

I know that the intention of these particular sellers was in the right place; however, it left a big mess in the eyes of the new homeowner.  What went from a “good feeling” that was imparted from the closing, quickly dissipated into “I cannot believe I have to clean this up”.  I know for many sellers that is the last thing they want the new homeowner to feel.