A Stand Against Debt

A Stand Against Debt

I was a part of a conversation lately that was discussing doing updates to homes.  My companion’s comment that made me think about this topic was:  “Well, we had to go out and get an equity line on our home to do our kitchen project.  That is the way of the world isn’t it?  Have to go get an equity line to pay for a new kitchen.”  

Is it?  Should the way of the world be to go into debt to pay for what we want?  Pay it down inch by inch until it is gone and we start the cycle all over again?  Sure, there are times where debt is necessary.  Let’s say when the unexpected happens and you need money but don’t have it.  Say your car breaks down and you need to buy a new one.  Or a medical issue comes around and you have no other way to pay the bills.  Or the roof of the garage falls in – yes, that recently happened to someone I know.

I feel there are some things that can be planned around and saved for.  A new kitchen or a new bath comes to my mind.  It is discipline that brings us closer to our goals in life.  It is discipline that teaches us that hard work does pay off.  

I have been in debt and have almost reached the edge of the pit that I have dug.  I can chalk it up to learning and living my life – the best teachers.  However, I am personally tired of living in a way that puts me in debt.  

I’m making a stand against debt.  

Will you make that stand with me?