Real Estate is My Love

Real Estate is My Love

There I said it.  I looove being in Real Estate.

What career do you know that uses the same old documents for everything; but, with each transaction it is different?

What career do you know that has hopes and dreams tied into a piece of dirt?

What career do you know that is sometimes THE single most expensive purchase made in someone’s life?

Being a Realtor and its life style is a calling.  This is not for everyone; but, those who feel the call, it is a life changing career.  I have made good frienemies through this career.  What do I mean?  My frienemies are those that I hang out with through Women’s Council of Realtors Columbus and Columbus Realtors.   I have yet seen a career that has competition that is so giving and so caring of other’s business, community, and their clients.  I am astounded every day.

If you are a potential client, ask your potential Realtor how involved are they with their local association and Women’s Council?  It is a good way to find out how involved they are being a Realtor.  Involvement on the end of the Realtor shows how much they are committed to the industry and protecting consumer property rights.  Realtors have been consumer advocates since 1908.