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Want Up-To-Date Home Information?

Want Up-To-Date Home Information?

Want Up-To-Date Home Information?  I have been sending my clients who own homes access to the Columbus Realtors® Multiple Listing site for their subdivision/areas.  Do you want access also?

Go to:  Send Me Info


This link will send you to a form to fill out and I’ll set you up to receive emails monthly only on active, sold, and in contract listings at NO OBLIGATION.   Will this be better than the Dispatch,, and Zillow?  I hope so.

This will be better than those mailers you get from Realtors® that list the “current” homes that have sold or are in contract.  Why?  This will be up to the minute information.   You just have to log in.  If you forget to login, then you have a monthly reminder that nudges you to log in.  How cool is that?

Happy to provide you information that is up-to-date, relevant, and timely.

What Should I Do to Get Ready to List?

What Should I Do to Get Ready to List?

What Should I Do to Get Ready to List?  Call a Realtor®!  Have the Realtor® come through and take a look at the house with their “buyer” eyes.  Point out items that need fixing or areas that could stand for (hopefully) minor improvements.  Having an agent take a look at the property with “buyer” eyes is helpful for a seller to know what to expect when real buyers come through their home.

The pretties are nice and will make a home sell quick (in this market).  Pretties are nicely styled and tastefully staged photos and a well staged home for showings.  However, we run into troubles when there are some minor but visible issues like scuffing on walls, worn carpet, asphalt that needs sealing, old windows, older utilities, etc.  This may affect price and how people perceive the value of the home.

I know many Sellers this is minor issues and some just don’t want to address because they want out and not necessarily to go about fixing things.  However, if you take care of any objections either via price or actually getting the item taken care of; then it will be less headache to deal with down the road.

Why 3 Recommendations

Why 3 Recommendations?

Why in the world do Realtors® provide 3 recommendations?  Short answer:  Basically, to give you, the consumer, 3 trusted resources to call upon and choose.  Choice is such an important part of your decision making process.  We, Realtors®, should really drive the bus; but, educate our clients and guide them.

Have a great day!