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Have you ever wondered how people get to (fill in the blank)?  

I am right there with you.  I sometimes wonder just how…  Then a glass of wine at a happy hour, a chat about this and that, a time out from the normal nightly routine, reminds me that it is not about wondering how…  It is creating the how.

People thrive on relationships.  Business thrives on relationships.  If you ever wonder how something is done, marvel at it's most complex simplicity first – the relationship.  The core fact on how anything is ever accomplished is the relationship that a person develops with another person.  

How hard is it to develop a relationship?

Immensly hard.  Most difficult task ever taken on by one human being.  Why?  Let's go outside ourselves.  Outside our inner, safe sanctum and put ourselves out on the line and work with another human being to trust, like, and respect us.  Phew, that is no easy feat.  

How often do you sit there and say to yourself:  "Yep, feel comfortable doing business with that person."  

The Epiphany

It takes getting to know people, perseverance, and a fair bit of hard work to build relationships.

Craig’s List Rental Scare


Be sure you know who you are dealing with on Craig's List.  Recently, I have been receiving a rash of phone calls about one of my listings listed as a rental on Craig's List.  It is not a rental by the way.  It is strictly for sale.

Someone took the information I recently posted on the MLS,, etc. and regurgitated the information to create this too-good-to-be-true rental opportunity.  They were requesting $600 deposit with $700 a month rent but the catch was you could not see the home because the home owner was in Africa and could not show it.  

Here is the scary bit; someone was posing as my client.  They used my client's name in these email correspondences with these would be renters but no one was able to get a hold of this person via phone, so they called me.  The smart ones called me.  Who knows how many people these scammers have gotten…  

Good News:  From what I can tell, the advert is down.  I cannot find a trace of it anywhere.  

Bad News:  There will be another listing they will target.

Just be cautious out there folks.

First Time Home Buyers… Lookin’ for Financial Help?

With financial options being more and more limited, Ohio Housing Finance Agency offers some unique programs to offer assistance.  From new graduates to Ohio heroes, there are possible avenues to explore for first time home buyers.  These avenues are not automatically awarded to you.  You will need to qualify; but, here are options for down payments or possible home repair loans.  It is something to know about and consider.