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3 Applications that the Realtor/Solo Entrepreneur Needs

Here are some core applications that a Realtor or a Solo Entrepreneur needs in their arsenal to look professional:

1. Customer/Client Relationship Management System (CRMs)
I find it mandatory that an entrepreneur has a CRM.  Batchbook has fit my bill since my first CRM system as an Access database.  What I like about this Batchbook is that you don't need to have an IT background to make changes to the system.  It can connect to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to anyone entered into the system.  Also, there is a true relationship managment behind this system.  You can connect important relationships with your contacts and even your deals!  There are  many advantages to this "unknown" system.

2.  eMail Newslettter 
Batchbook and MailChimp really go hand in hand.  They sync very well so I have one centralized database with Batchbook; but, can do my newsletters through MailChimp using my centralized CRM system.  I like MailChimp because of one simple word :  FREE.  Yes, I said free for 12,000 emails a month.  Now if I ever get over 12,000 emails a month, I will happily pay the fees that MailChimp details on their site.  Also, this eMail system allows for integration of YouTube videos.  I find this invaluable.

3.  Mileage Tracking
I primarily use Expensify for tracking my mileage; but, you can also track all of your expenses for your business through this application.  I use my business credit card to track the rest of my expenses.  I like Expensify to track mileage because it has a map integration to the system that calculates the mileage for you.  All you need to know is where you started, where you went, and where you ended up.

These are the tools I use to simplify my life.   I am not endorsing any particular one; but, I am saying these are the best that I have found for my entrepreneur kingdom.  

3 Strategic Reasons to Refinance Now for the Future

I know I am not in the mortgage industry and I do not play a mortage lender on TV; but, interest rates are soooo ridiculously low right now that it is almost a crime not to refinance.  

Here are 3 strategic reasons to refinance today:

1.  Take what you save on the mortgage and pay off debt.  Down with debt because…
2.  Nest egg the money to put towards a new home, car, furniture, etc.  Cash is King and having the financial wherewithal is vital.
3.  Finally, FHA mortgages are assumable so when interest rates rise; you will have the advantage in the market.  It could be a wonderful marketing advantage when the time comes.

This is a great opportunity to take advantage of a current market situation that will put people in a great strategic financial situation in the future.  Time to think forward.  Where do you want to be?

Franklin County Auditor 2011 Reappraisal

Did you get your new tax statement in the mail or have you gone to the Fanklin County Auditor's site to review your tentative new values?

Whether you are rejoicing or cursing the day the appraiser crossed your lawn, Clarence Mingo has done a good job of preparing us for the inevitable shocks across Franklin County.  There is a FAQ section on his website that goes through and identifies any key concerns the public may have concerning this process.  There is even a series of informal reviews that people can attend.

How does this affect the Real Estate Market?

This appraisal analyzes the past 3 years worth of sales data.  There will be some correlation in the beginning with sales activities.  However, overtime there will be more sales data that a professional Real Estate Consultant can provide to help you determine a good value for your property.  

What I want to stress is that the appraisal done for the Franklin County Auditor's site should not be taken as the definitive value of your home.  Franklin County Auditor's appraisers have a different objective for their evaluation than a current look at how the market is performing.