Buyer Services. Real Simple.

Real Attention to Detail.

As a detail-oriented project manager, Katie works closely with you to understand the specifications for your property including the number of rooms, square footage, location, price and budget. Katie knows pre-approval makes for better buyers and makes sure your budget and property specifications are realistic.

Real Guidance.

Katie performs queries based on possibilities. You can easily sort through your favorite property and ask questions or use the sorting tools with the Columbus Board of Realtor’s Multiple Listing online system.

Real Commitment.

Katie cares about your comfort level and guides buyers through every step of the process of finding a new home–whether it take one day or six months.

Real Communication.

Once you have found the right fit, Katie creates a timeline for all parties involved in the negotiation processes and addresses any concerns.  She becomes the go-to person for the buyer and seller to create a win-win situation.

Real Estate. Real Simple.